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Sumter Forest Temple

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November 1, 2015 Kathina Ceremony

'Kathina' Robe Offering Ceremony
Sunday, November 1, 2015
Sumter Forest Temple, Sumter, SC

Kathina is the annual robe offering season for the monks. At the end of the Buddhist Lent period, it is time for the monks in the monasteries to get the new set of their robes. The set contains 3 distinct pieces, thus: 1.The outer robe 2. The sarong-like garment 3. The shoulder robe (blanket).

The word 'Kathina' itself refers to the wooden frame that hold tight the saffron clothes enabling monks sew them firm and neat. Kathina tradition was originated during the Lord Buddha's time. It first happened when a group of 30 monks were on the way to meet Lord Buddha.

Unfortunately, they got stuck on the way in the rain. Through the muddy passage, their robes were dirty and shabby with mud. As a result, Lord Buddha granted permission for monks who completed their 3-month rains retreat to have a new set of saffron, so called "Kathina." The period permitted is within one month after the lent period ends. Thus, Kathina is a time-limit opportunity for the robe offering.

At Sumter Forest Temple, this year, the Kathina Ceremony falls on November 1, 2015. Enjoy this day with all activities in meritorious atmosphere. we will meditate together before giving lunch to monks. The highlight would be in the afternoon when all the Buddhist assembly will participate in the Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony.

10.00 am Participants are expected to get ready in the holy hall
10.15 am Chanting in Pali
10.45 am Alms-Giving Ceremony
11.15 am Lunch break, lay people offer foods to monks
12.00 am Thai dance, Thai foods
01.00 pm Dharma talk
01.30 pm Joining the Robe Offering Ceremony
02.00 pm Monks give blessing/The ceremony is over.


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